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Dr. JIAN LI is a graduate of the Guangxi Medical University, recognized a one of the finest medical schools in China. He completed his training there in 1986 and has been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine for more than 25 years. He has particular expertise in the practice of Apitherapy within the framework of TCM.

Dr. Li specializes in using natural herb medicine to treat people with the following conditions:

Additionally, he is certified as an instructor in Tai Chi and Qigong by the America Taiji Health Qigong Center. Dr Li is a uniquely and highly qualified practitioner of holistic medicine and the various therapies under that discipline.

TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE is the best known of the holistic medical approaches. It has been around for about 2000 years and encompasses a wide range of possible treatments, such as the well known acupuncture and deep tissue massage and the lesser known like Apitherapy and Qigong. To learn more about TCM, use these links:

APITHERAPY is defined by Merriam-Webster as "the use of substances produced by honeybees (such as venom, royal jelly, propolis, or honey) to treat various medical conditions...". This has been practiced by various cultures over the history of mankind all the way back to ancient Egypt and China. The Chinese Medical Apitherapy Center is the first in the USA to practice the TCM form of this treatment. To learn more about Apitherapy:


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